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The Baby Goat's tips for starting 2023 the right way.

January 7, 2023



Firstly, happy new year and welcome to what will be a massive 2023. We hope you enjoyed time together over the holiday period, ideally featuring a few tasty beers along the way.


January is upon us and along with time for reflection on the year that was, it is more commonly associated with resolutions for the year ahead. That can, of course, be anything but often features something related to diet, alcohol and/or health and indeed two major trends have emerged in the last few years, namely 'Dry January' and 'Veganuary' which (rightfully) are forcing people to think about their consumption and their health.


Still looking to make your resolutions? Doing all of the above? Sick of all the fuss? Well, whichever camp you fall into, we thought we'd share our essential tips for navigating the start to the year, and ensuring you kick off your 2023 in the best/happiest/most conscious possible way. Spoiler Alert; it involves going to the Pub.


Without further ado, The Baby Goat's tips for starting 2023 the right way!


1. If you're skipping/reducing alcohol…

Then you're probably not alone and after a heavy December this is sometimes a great way to reset. But be careful that you…


…don't skip people / socialising.

Just because you're skipping alcohol, it doesn't mean you have to skip going out altogether. Speaking specifically for Pubs, it is true that lots of the drinks offered are alcoholic, but it’s important to recognise that the Pub (and indeed bars) are about more than drinking, they’re primarily places to be together. That said, if you are looking at non-alcoholic options you must…

…make sure it's tasty!

There are so many great options in the low- or non-alcoholic space right now. We offer soft drinks from our buddies at Fritz-Kola and Scoo, our homemade ice teas, banging Coffee by Black Delight, or even alcohol free spirits and wines, the range of options is huge and in The Baby Goat Pubs we're really happy to help you find the right option.

While we work on our alcohol free variant (coming 2023!), we're proud to offer 4 awesome beers from the Rügener Insel Brauerei. But there are more options on the market these days, and actually even if you're not dropping alcohol, it's worth trying a few.


2. If you're not skipping alcohol, then be nice!

Pretty straight forward…if someone isn't drinking (for whatever reason), then be nice, GOATs! There's no need to pressure anyone, no matter how good the full fat beer tastes.


3. If you're eating 'consciously'…

Firstly, make sure it's seriously tasty. Like with drinks, there are some incredible options and you can always ask for alternatives or adjustments. And then why not try Vegan? No lie, the vegan options for some of your favourite foods are really great. Our friends at Cheeky Pies continue to bosh out the best Pies, and always have a Vegan variant. Check out the current menu at The Baby Goat House here. And when it comes to Pizza, we've worked with Tindle and Vanozza to bring you some beaut options there as well. Check out The Baby Goat Barn menu here.


4. If you're starting exercise, do it with others.

Running or going to the gym can be boring, monotonous, and above all, it's a habit which breaks easily. If you're serious about getting into an exercise routine, then try and do it together with a friend or a group. If you're looking to run, then we run our own Run Club every two weeks - join our FB group here, after which we always drink a beer together. And if you're more serious about exercise then we recommend the guys at Adidas Runners Hamburg, or for Team sport get yourself into Rugby at The Hamburg Rugby Club or one of Hamburg's various hockey teams.


5. Try new things.

Why not find a new hobby or interest? Be it music, sport, art, cooking…there's plenty to choose from and resolutions don't need to always be a limitation, you can go and do 'more' of something. There's a bunch of sources for new things to do, but we recommend, AINO Hamburg and Mit Vergnügen Hamburg, they always have a great selection of activities and events, many of which are free, which can get you flying into something new.

Or, why not just come to one of our free events; music, quizzes & more. We have plenty of options every week. Find them at our Event Schedule.

6. Throw a party.

I mean, why wouldn’t you want to carry on the togetherness that December/Christmas brings? Parties aren’t just for Christmas, and if you happen to be looking for an event space, then The Baby Goat Pubs are indeed great for that!

Check out our Private Event pages for more details...

And last, but most importantly,


7. Spend quality time together.

Short and sweet. Make sure you actively spend time with other people and enjoy it. Meet up for drinks, for food, for fun, whatever it is, but don't hide away, especially if you're also looking to avoid alcohol, eating out or excessive spending; Grab a take-away beer, eat at home, go for a walk around Hamburg's numerous parks. Just enjoy the time.


There you go, GOATs. A few tips to get you going this year.

Feel free to let us know what your resolutions for 2023 are. We'd love to hear them.


See you soon,

The Baby Goat

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