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7 reasons why you should go to the pub (tonight)!

August 11, 2022

‘Back in the day’, people would finish work and make their way straight to the pub or their local, grab a drink and run over the days or weeks events with friends and colleagues. Though many people still do this, the habit is a little less popular…perhaps because of long phases spent at home and the new prevalence of home office, or perhaps because plans tend to be made for later in the evening.

At The Baby Goat, we have set ourselves the mission of bringing people together through our beer,and we believe one of the most important things to do is unwind after the working day, be that at home or at the office; take time for yourself and your relationships, they’re important.

So, without further ado, here are 7 great reasons why you should go to the pub after work (tonight!):

1. You deserve a night free from cooking.

Even if you’re not a big drinker, it’s worth visiting the pub for a night away from the kitchen. These days lots of pubs have an amazing selection of homemade, quality food with numerous vegan, veggie, and healthy options (as well as some traditional pub grub). And often at an affordable price.

2. You can get to know your colleagues.

Invite a colleague tothe pub after work and get to know them a bit better. We all spend a lot, if not most of our week at work, so you may as well get to know those people that you’re spending your time with. Try it. They don’t bite!


3. It’s great for stress relief.

How often have you said you’re ‘stressed’ or have ‘so much to do’? The chances are, that work can wait a little bit longer, and a couple of hours or morning response to an emailis more than ok. We’re all human. A visit to the pub, even for a soft drink, ca nhelp you clear your mind and give you some all-important downtime.


4. You could find some live music, sport, or an event.

Keen for some entertainment? Or worried that you’ll miss the big match kick-off on the way home? Well, why not search out a local pub to watch the game. Better yet, get some mates together for it. We offer a wide range of live music in both our pubs,and often live sport fixtures – check out our Events via our Facebook page for more!


5. It’s a chance to meet new people.

Feeling like you don’thave many chances to meet new people? Well, try going to the pub on your own (we’ve all done it!). There are always opportunities to meet new people in pubs and we, for example, run an amazing International Social, which is a fantastic way for people from around the world to network and meet new people in a newcity.


6. It’s a great way to end the week.

On a Friday evening, the pub is a great place to transition from work to play. It draws a clear line between your work state of mind and a restful one for the weekend. Get together with friends, have a drink to kick off the evening, and just see where the night goes – that’s how The Baby Goat started. Just on the hunt for a great place to have a beer. And of course Saturdays and Sundays are always a great time to pop along for a beer or two.


7. You’re supporting a long-lived tradition

Going to the pub is a tradition. It builds a sense of community with our neighbours, work mates, and friends, and is part of the fabric of our society (it really is that important). Be a part of it, enjoy mixing with your community.


Great for mental health, happiness, success at work, and the economy, there are so many reasons to go to the pub after work.

Now you just need to find your local and get down there to see what's on tap, and on the event plan.

Pssst, we know a couple of good ones!

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