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Planning an unforgettable Stag Do in Hamburg: Exploring the Best Pubs and Craft Beer Havens.

July 7, 2023

Hamburg is a vibrant city known for its lively nightlife and rich beer culture, but it is also an ideal destination for an unforgettable stag do.

With a plethora of pubs , 'Kneipen' and emerging craft beer spots to choose from alongside the world-famous bright (red) lights of St Pauli, you and your stag do group are certainly in for a fun experience, wherever you land.

Now, a stag do, as we all know, is much about the night-time activity, but let's not forget it's also about finding the right spot to settle in for a few beers and a bit of food to set the foundation (the 'Grundlage') for a big night ahead, and if that's the plan then it might as well be with some good beer. So, in this blog, we will explore some of the best pubs/restaurants in Hamburg where you can not only get a good feed in with a big group, but you can also watch live sport, enjoy some music and, of course, enjoy a few beers to get yourself up for the big night(s) ahead. So, grab a pint and let's dive into the best stag do spots for your group, some well-known, some really for the locals!

The Baby Goat Barn:

Located in the heart of St. Pauli, The Baby Goat Barn is a must-visit pub for craft beer enthusiasts. Yes, this is one of our own pubs, but in this cozy and rustic establishment just 50m from the Reeperbahn, we offer an extensive selection of our own craft beers and pride ourselves on a laid-back atmosphere which picks up quickly for the weekends and, of course, a friendly team of staff. The Baby Goat Barn provides the perfect setting to start the evening or afternoon with your stag do group, with a range of great beers, sold by the pitcher, and our delicious range of hand-crafted pizzas. Alongside a programm of live sport, we also have live music and Djs every weekend which means it's a great spot to get the night going, and don't miss out on the regular rotating taps, which showcases a variety of unique and seasonal brews from around Hamburg and beyond. With big groups, it's always a great idea to book here:

Nothing to see here...just the beers flying down.

Try our range of Fresh craft Beers.

And set that 'foundation' with some proper pizza.

The Fleetenkieker Irish Pub:

Now, For a taste of Irish charm in the heart of Hamburg, head to The Fleetenkieker Irish Pub. This isn't right in the heart of the St Pauli nightlife but this lively pub offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere, complete with traditional Irish decor and live insrtitution in Hamburg. While they serve a range of classic Irish drinks, including Guinness and whiskey, their craft beer selection is equally impressive. Enjoy a pint of local German craft beer or explore their international offerings while soaking up the lively ambiance. Book early, especially when there's port on the TV.

The absolute classic in the Hamburg pub scene.

Altes Mädchen:

If you're looking for a Gastro-'pub' that combines craft beer with delicious food, Altes Mädchen is the place to be. Situated in the trendy Schanzenviertel district, this brewpub boasts an impressive selection of craft beers brewed on-site by the Ratsherrn Brewery. From hoppy IPAs to rich stouts, Altes Mädchen has something to satisfy every beer lover's palate. Pair your brew with their mouthwatering burgers or traditional German dishes for a truly satisfying experience. Be prepared for the fact that this isn't all about 'Stag' vibes, so if you are here, don't go late on and be ready to put your best straight face on (rather than the fanc dress).

A great space for a beer and a bite...but fancy dress a no-go.

The Irish Rover:

Another awesome spot in touching distance of the St Pauli area, this is a great Irish pub where you can be sure to find not only a good beer or two, but also a few great punters to enjoy it with. Looking out over a nice, relaxed square, this is a sun trap in the summer evenings. No need to book, but again be ready to squeeze into a corner. Our tip is the live music in the cellar, although you'd need to be on one hell of a stag weekend to enjoy the Thursday night irish music.

Feinkost Schnalke:

An absolutely incredible spot in the middle of St Pauli. Bistro and Flower shop by day, rowdy locality by night, here you'll find the locals enjoying a cheap Pilsner or two whilst dancing along to the classic tunes on show. Now, they do also have a selection of craft beers, you just have to ask nicely. Big groups may struggle on especially busy nights, but otherwise get in there and have some fun with the locals. It's a friendly crowd, but is also a smoker bar, so be ready for everything to smell like an ash try the next morning.

Grab a bunch of flowers as well as beers for the Stag at Feinkost Schnalke

The Academy / Molly Malone's:

Just off the famous Hans-Alberts-Platz, this is a great option for the end of your night. The clubs in Hamburg can typically quick difficult for big groups of guys or gals, but in this trio of bars, you will absolutely find something for you. There is arguably no better spot for live music in Hamburg, not necessarily from any names you will have heard of, but just set after set and drinks flowing a-plenty.

Get into the Academy.

Now, that should be enough to get your started on your stag do. You cant do much wrong when it comes to late night activities in Hamburg, but if you get it right, you set yourself up for a brilliant few days in the city.

But while you're at it, you'd better be sure to find the best beer to drink rather than litre after litre of pilsner. If you going to drink the beers, they might as well be tasty!

We'll be back soon with our top tips for night-time bars and cocktail hot-spots.

In the meantime, enjoy your trip and make sure you're planning in plenty of time for the beers.

And if you want to check out our full list of events and live music, then you'll find that here!

We'll see you soon in the Pub.

The Baby Goat Team.

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