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The Baby Goat Brew Schedule 2023.

April 20, 2023

Hey GOATs,

Here's just a short blog entry to keep you updated with all things The Baby Goat Beer in 2023 when it comes to the most important stuff…the beer!

A few weeks back we posted a shout-out asking for the beer styles that you GOATs would like to see from us this year, and while we already had our plans and schedule all but fixed, we are now excited to share with you the schedule we have coming up this year.

Those fans amongst you will have read in our ‘Bring On 2023’ Update that we have a few plans when it comes to beer and brewing, and central to that strategy is setting our Core range of 6 beers which we will ensure we have available all year round. Those are the fan favourites: Let’s Goat Pilsner, Silly Billy ESB, Goatdigga Golden Ale*, Looking Goat IPA, Shave It Off Session IPA, Baby Baby Goat Goat Double IPA.

Keeping those consistent allows us to keep your favourite beers on tap and to keep tweaking, where necessary, to get the recipes spot on.

Now, in our seasonals range you’ll find some familiar names; amongst them the I Kid You Not Lemongrass Blonde, One Amber Ale and the Goatfather Porter...but we’re also really happy to share with you that we’ll be bringing you a selection of new beers to keep those taste buds interested and our brewing juices flowing.

Those new beers are:

‘Float Your Goat’ Helles - now, we have brewed a helles before, and it went down REALLY well, which is why when that ran out we went back to work to make sure v2.0 is both more delicious, drinkable and perhaps slightly less of  mouthful to say! So, the ‘Float Your Goat’ Helles is back and it’s back soon, to make sure you have the perfect spring → summer beer to get you through those Terrace sessions.

‘Goat Ol’ Dayz’ Hazy IPA - we’ve been getting a bunch of requests to go hazy since the middle of last year and whilst we always enjoy a good ale, we’re also really happy to have had a nice selection of IPA to this point…this year we’re bringing you two more IPAs, the first of which is hazy creation which should satisfy those looking to explore the world of unfiltered, hoppy, bitter IPAs. Coming in at around the 6% ABV mark, it’ll still be an easy drinker and one to look out for in May-June. It’ll be juicy, but for the juice lovers there’ll also be…

‘Three’ NEIPA - so…moving a step further we’ll also be bringing you a NEIPA this year as our 3rd year anniversary beer. There’s a bunch of discussion on what really defines this from a hazy IPA, but suffice to say this one will really focus on the dry hopping to give it that tropical, juicy aroma and flavour. The haze will, of course, still be there, but we’re excited to be exploring the NEIPA world.

Beyond our own beers, we still have some high hopes of positive collaborations with other breweries. There are a few in the pipeline, but we’d rather keep those for another blog than give away too much good info right now. There’s some awesome breweries around Hamburg, and we still believe there’s a great opportunity to partner - the Hamburg Beer Week, brilliantly run and lead by a few special people in the Hamburg beer scene, is a great initiative and one that we love being part of. We hope to see you all there again this year.

If there’s any particular style that you would love to see from us then please do let us know, we’d be really glad to get your input and feedback, as ever.

Enjoy GOATs. Summer is coming!


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