2 guys in Hamburg, just LOOKING FOR A pub.

Has anyone ever told you about ‘the best pub in the world?’

Well, one fateful night in San Sebastian, the promise of just such a place led us on a life-changing, but ultimately fruitless, search for a place called ‘The Baby Goat’. We can't tell you exactly what happend on that night, but it turns out The Baby Goat never existed, and so for us that name has been synonymous with our hunt for the best place to grab a beer in our new home, Hamburg.

Our love of pub culture has led us on many a search for a truly great pub, one that we could call our local. But we never found 'The Baby Goat’.

...so we figured we’d just start it ourselves...



We’re Thomas van Doorn and Chris Newman, the founders of The Baby Goat.

A team of two (FOR NOW), but fortunate to be surrounded by an epic network of friends and family who have allowed us to reach this point and motivate us to dream bigger.

Our backgrounds are mixed and interesting, but our passion is great beer. And we’re driven by creating something which trulybrings people together.



We’re creating our version of the best BrewPub in the world. And we're calling it The Baby Goat.


The Baby Goat will be a proper BrewPub, combining our passion for great beer, our love of pub culture, and a desire to create a place where people want to spend time together.

Our mission statement is simple. Gather people together. Create an open environment. Appreciate the beer and company. And of course, make sure the beer tastes great.






While Hamburg has a rich beer culture, we think it still needs a really great pub. Our concept is also as much about building a community as it is the brews. And frankly, it’s also just quite fun!

The Journey

In August '16, we met as hockey players for Club an der Alster in Hamburg, Germany. Back then our interest in beer was limited to drinking it, and the craft scene was still small compared to our hometowns of Amsterdam and London. We quickly realised an unnerving degree of similarity between us, became great mates, and settled into our adopted home.

Summers without hockey are notoriously boring, which led us to try out homebrewing, in our kitchen. The first batch wasn’t a disaster, a hobby quickly grew into a mild obsession, and with the purchase of more considerable equipment and a spontaneous registration for a brewing degree, our dreams were sealed – open a BrewPub in Hamburg.

It took 2 years to reach that point, but the transition from home to hobby brewers was swift, and since summer 2018 we have spent our time drinking a load of beer with our mates, tweaking recipes, sharing ideas, testing concepts and planning for our BrewPub opening.

In January we founded our business and soon after began to look for the perfect location. The dream is starting to take shape, but we still haven't quite found The Baby Goat. But don't worry, we'll keep churning out beer and good times until we do.