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RWC 2023: The best pubs to watch the Rugby World Cup 2023 in Hamburg, Germany

August 17, 2023

With the Rugby World Cup 2023 just around the corner, the excitement is building around and that even extends to Hamburg, Germany as a city and a country witha growing rugby following and a big expat community. As rugby fans around the world prepares to rally behind their teams, we want to give you the low down on the perfect pubs to soak in the action when in the beautiful city of Hamburg. Whether you're seeking a distinctive ambiance of a sports pub like the Fleetenkieker or the best beers and food to enjoy next to the game at The Baby Goat barn, you're in for a treat wherever you land on our list. 

So, here's our guide to the top pub locations to watch the Rugby World Cup this Autumn, whilst enjoying a tasty beer or two!

1. The Baby Goat Barn.

Area: St Pauli.

Renowned for a rustic charm and easy-going but vibrant energy, The Baby Goat Barn, is one of two Pubs run by The Baby Goat Beer.

For the Rugby World Cup, our pub will be showing all of the games on the big screen, and you can be sure to find room for you and your mates to enjoy the game and atmosphere, whilst sampling some of the 12 own-brewed beers on tap and hand-crafted pizzas. Look out, rugby teams are known to frequent these places, so be sure to book in if (via the link below if you want to secure your space!

And look out, on Friday and Saturday nights the pub hosts local DJs so there’s a good chance that once you land here you may not have a reason to leave.


Due to high demand we highly recommend you to book your tables to make sure you can see your favourite team playing.

Closes at 02:00 on weekends.

Detlev-Bremer-Straße 49, 20359 Hamburg.

The Baby Goat Barn, St Pauli.

2. The Fleetenkieker Irish Pub.

Area: Rathaus.

Consistently the top search result for Pubs in Hamburg and we love this pace. It's an epic pub with a great atmosphere and fantastic owners and staff. They have a great range of beers on draught and in cans/bottles. Plenty to keep that thirst at bay!

The place is big, but make sure you get in touch nice and early here, as they'll fill up quickly, and it won't just be people looking for rugby - the Fleet also shows all other manner of sports live! Expect a nice, loud atmosphere in here too!

They have a nice range of food including fish and chips and other pub classics. A great spot to pop into after a walk around Hamburg's old city centre.

Closes at 01:00

Börsenbrücke 10, 20457 Hamburg

The Fleetenkieker - right in the city centre!

3. Paddy's Bar.

Area: Rathaus.

Literally a stone's throw away from the Fleetenkieker, this is a similarly lively and sport-obsessed Pub with a great atmosphere and again a sure-fire place to find all manner of rugby on, almost all the time (somehow).

They have a nice range of drinks inlcluding some great craft beer and ciders, and they also have warm snacks on offer (although less than some other places). You can be sure this place will be full during the tournament and is largely a standing-Pub unless you happen to be one of the lucky people to grab a seat at the back.

Get there early to soak up the pre-game atmosphere and look out for the various rugby teams that frequent this place. They'll most likely be wearing rugby gear.

Closes at 01:00.

Schauenburgerstraße 40, 20095 Hamburg

Paddy's Bar, Rathaus.

4. The Irish Rover.

Area: Altstadt.

For an authentic taste of Ireland, head to The Irish Rover, a beloved pub in the Altstadt which is a cosy setting and warm setting for a beer or two on the best of days and also a great place to enjoy some live sport (although it's not their speciality).

Here you can Indulge in traditional Irish fare, sip on plenty of pints of guiness, and generally share the excitement of the games with fellow fans - best to check their TV schedule in advance, as this can sometimes change depending on how well booked out they are!

Closes 00:00.

Großneumarkt 8, 20459 Hamburg

So, there you have it! 4 great options to drink good (craft) beer in Hamburg, whilst watching live rugby and enjoying a real local atmosphere.

With all these places, we recommend you do book in advance as places do just fill up quicker than you think.

Now you're all set to watch the Rugby World Cup! Go and Enjoy! We'll see you soon in the Pub!

Lot's of love,

The Baby Goat


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